If I’m being discharged from the hospital today how and when will I receive my meds?
As you’re being discharged, simply tell the hospital coordinator that you plan on using University Chemists for prescription services. Give them the number 212-473-0277 and they will phone the scripts in to us. If you’re being discharged from a facility in New York we can usually have the meds brought to you at the hospital before you leave.
What if I’m tired of waiting in the hospital and just want to get home?
We understand. Just tell the coordinator that you want the meds delivered to your home and give them the full address. When the scripts are phoned in, the coordinator will give us your address and any specifications you have. The meds will arrive at your home shortly after you do. Relax and recuperate.
What if I don’t live in the New York area?
Not a problem. We have multiple shipments leaving daily that bring medication to the doors of our clients worldwide. If you’re in the Tri-State area you will receive your meds the same or next day. In the greater US or worldwide, your order will be shipped via UPS or FedEx overnight.
I’m a doctor and need an injectable medication for administration in the office. Do I have to send the patient to you or can I receive the medication directly?
Whether a one-time odd-ball item or if your practice demands frequent injections, we’ll bring it to you. If you have long term or frequent needs, set up an account with us for the convenience and reliability of our scheduled medical deliveries.