Our abilities surpass those of other pharmacies as we specialize in large accounts such as psychiatric clinics, oncology practices / departments, and dialysis centers, as well as hospitals, physicians’ offices, day treatment centers, and clinics of all sizes. Let us handle your clinic’s pharmacy needs. Contact James Zambri at: (212) 473-0277 or email us to enroll.

• Corporate, home nursing, and store charge accounts welcome


University Chemists has access to the largest network for electronic prescribing in the nation – the SureScripts network, enabling us to securely send prescription renewals directly to connected physicians in our area. You can conveniently review prescription renewals requests and respond to us with just a few keystrokes. You can use this network to send us new prescriptions as well!

If you are a patient, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your prescription information is received at our pharmacy safely and accurately.

- For more information please contact SureScripts at 1-866-RxReady (866-797-3239), or visit their Web site at www.surescripts.com.